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Short generator code


  • Tia started the conversation

    Hi There, 

    Im having some issues with the short code generator section, as you can see in the screen shot it wont allow me to click down on it so i cant edit it. 

    Also, if i add a post or a page i can only see 'add media' section which doesn't appear to work and i have no editing options link bold, link, italic etc.. (it wont even let me change to text view) and the writing simple comes up white unless i click view page and then i can see the text. 

    Not sure if this is an issue on WP side or not? Any help would be much appreciated 


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    Brian replied

    Looks like it's due to the fix listed here: https://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/article/7265/

    Please let me know if that fixes it.