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Minisites 404 not found


  • Mark Reddington started the conversation

    Hello! I previously sent in a ticket about this but never got around to trying to fix it.

    I set up a minisite and followed all the screencasts to set up taxonomies, posting in the minisite, etc, however when I publish an article it shows up in the post loop but when I click on the article it brings me to a 404 not found page.

    I tried your previous suggestion by going to settings -> permalinks and clicking save to rebuild however that did not work. I don't have any other pages or categories with the same slug either.

    what's going on?

  • Mark Reddington replied

    welp... i got it fixed.. but the way I had to fix it just raises a bunch of more questions.. I fixed it by unchecking the "Standard Permalink Method" option.

    But now the permalink of the article isn't what I need it to be.. for SEO optimization and to please Google crawlers, it's preferred to have the date of the article in the permalink, but with the minisites the url works out to be


    so two questions
    1. why do I need the /eventreviews/ in the url for it to work?
    2. why is the permalink not what i have my settings set to?


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    Brian replied

    You have to have the custom post type in the URL for it to work in WordPress. When did this begin happening? Has it always been this way, or did it begin happening at a certain point in time?

  • Mark Reddington replied

    It has always not worked, that's why I stopped working on it for a while but just got around to trying to get it to work again...

    It works now after unchecking that "Standard permalink method" box in the theme settings, but now the URL structure for minisite articles don't follow the typical post "day and name" structure that I have set under my permalink settings in wordpress.

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    Brian replied

    Unfortunately I believe that's the way WordPress works and there's no way around it, which is why we added in that option...