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  • Nick Engen started the conversation

    You wont be able to access due to coming soon maintenance mode activated but I will post Screenshots.  First is I updated my max input vars to 2000 but I cannot still save any theme options, I just get the spinning wheel forever.  Secondly whenever you click a category off the menu, like anime, gaming, reviews, etc It takes you to a page where a post is with no CSS what so ever and displays horribly as so,  please help, appreciate your time!

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  • Nick Engen replied

    So after doing a few fresh installs, it seems the error comes in once you load demo settings.  Once I load the demo settings I cannot save or update anything in the theme options.

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    Brian replied

    That is due to your max_input_vars server setting. Solution is here: https://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/article/2921/