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Additional Minisites Not Displaying Correctly


  • John started the conversation

    Using the Steam WordPress theme, my site has been created with a Front Page and 6 Minisites. The Front Page and the 1st Minisite (Video Games) displays correctly with all of the settings and images chosen; however, the remaining 5 Minisites don't display correctly no matter what options or settings are selected. I'm at a loss why the Front Page & Video Game Minisite display properly, but the other Minisites don't. There is also a "parsererror" that appears in the lower left hand corner of the screen on the Minisites not displaying properly. I have read a few articles regarding this "parsererror" and my settings appear to be where they should be. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Brian replied

    There are a few things you need to do to fix this. See these links for information on fixing both of your issues:



  • John replied

    Thank you for replying so quickly. I went through both articles and checked the following:

    1) Each Minisite has a primary Taxonomy.

    2) The Steam theme is installed in the correct location as is the style.css file.

    3) Line 7 of the functions/ajax.php file is set correctly.

    4) The functions folder under themes is set to 755.

    5) According to my Web Host tech support, mod_security is not installed on my server.

    6) I have increased the "max_input_vars" in the php.ini file to 2,000. No effect. i changed it again, this time to 5,000. Again, no effect.

    7) My WordPress database was not migrated, but a brand new created database for a fresh installation of WordPress on my domain (gamingdecoded.com).

    The only step suggested I have not tried yet is disabling all of the plugins I have installed to see if there is a plugin causing an incompatibility issue. Assuming I check all of the plugins and they don't seem to be conflicting with the theme, is there anything else to try to resolve this problem. The problem isn't completely site wide, just on a handful of Minisites.


  • John replied

    Quick update...

    I just disabled all of the plugins I have running on my site to see if any of them were conflicting with the Steam theme causing this issue. After disabling all plugins, the same issue still occurs; the Front Page and Video Game Minisite display just fine, but the other 5 Minisites do not & the "parsererror" still shows up in the lower left hand corner of the screen. The "parsererror" never appears on the Front Page or Video Games Minisite. So apparently, the issue is not with incompatible plugins that are currently installed on the site.

    I'm at a real loss here.

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    Brian replied

    Very strange. Can you please look in your error_log and tell me what the Fatal Error being generated is so I can troubleshoot it from there? Thanks.

  • John replied

    I about gave up with this theme and moved on to trying to use another theme instead. However, I have gone back to trying to use the Steam theme again because I like it's look and the features it provides. However, before I can go back and create the minisites again, I am having issues with the Page options on the "New Page" screen in WordPress not displaying the Steam theme page options at all, preventing me from completing the process of creating minisites for the site. I have created a new ticket for that problem. Once I can get that issue resolved, I will see if the issue persists with the minisites not display properly and try to get you that error log information requested.

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    Brian replied

    I replied to your other ticket with this question.

  • John replied

    Now that I have the other ticket resolved and once again have the Page Options appear as they're supposed to, I am again having trouble with the Minisite Frontpages displaying properly.

    My web url is http://gamingdecoded.com. My site is being setup with at least 5 minisites, for now. Two of the five minisites do display properly with the logo & page options selected so far (refer to screenshots 2 & 4, the Sony Entertainment & PC Gaming minisite respectively). However, the other three minisites continue to display the same thing regardless of what options I select and save (logo settings, frontpage builder options, etc.)... (refer to screenshots 1, 3, 5). Adding the image attachments, I noticed I cannot add screenshot #5, but it is the same as screenshot 1 & 3, but for the Review minisite, where screenshot 1 is for the Microsoft minisite and screenshot 3 is for the Nintendo minisite.

    I have disabled all plugins, downloaded and installed the Steam theme WordPress files on to the server (themes/steam/) directory, but nothing helps. No matter what options I select and save, minisites 1, 3, & 5 will only display what is shown on the screenshots.

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  • John replied

    I read back through this ticket and earlier you wanted me to send you an error log so you could try and troubleshoot the problem better. I downloaded the error log for the site and have attached it to this message.

    Attached files:  error_log

  • John replied


    I think it is also important to note that this time, as opposed to what I was experiencing at the beginning of this ticket, I was not receiving the parsing error in the lower left hand corner of the screen of the pages not displaying correctly.

    So, with that being said, I finally figured out what was causing the problem with 3 out of the 5 minisite frontpages not displaying properly: permalinks. It turns out, all I had to do was edit the permalink for the minisite page I was experiencing trouble with. I guess the slug generated from the page name must have conflicted with a slug generated from a category or taxonomy with a similar name. For example, when I changed the permalink from "http://gamingdecoded.com/microsoft" to "http://gamingdecoded.com/microsoft-minisite", it cleared up all of the problems.

    I don't know if this is something you want to make public that could possibly help others with similar problems. Either way, you can close this ticket. Problem solved.

    By the way, I love this theme and the features it has. Though I have had a lot of trouble getting it setup the way I want, I refuse to let it beat me. Have a great day!

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    Brian replied

    So glad you got it working and thanks for letting me know what the issue was!