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Youtube Embeds


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    Kara Davis started the conversation

    Every time I change the width/height to something smaller  (see attached) 250 X141.  It always shows up much larger. Does this theme automatically re-size the videos to make them bigger? I can even see the smaller resized video in the "Visual Editor", but it show up big on the website.

    The reason I am using oEmbed instead of the shortcode is because your short code options don't have a width/height option.

    I do believe there are some plug-ins that can fix this, but before I go adding more plug-ins I wanted to see if I was improperly adding width/height to your shortcode.

    Attached files:  Change width & height.docx

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    Brian replied

    This theme has full responsive video support, so it makes embedded videos always go 100% of whatever container they are within.

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    Kara Davis replied

    So how do I fix that? Is this occurring via the CSS file? Or is that something you have implemented in functions.php that has to be edited to stop this auto-resizing? If its CSS, I can fix that. But if its in the code, I have to get a developer....

    This is weird I have always been able to resize Youtube embeds in other themes with the Youtube parameters.

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    Brian replied

    Edit the framework.php file and get rid of lines 258 and 259:

    add_filter( 'embed_oembed_html', 'it_embed_html', 10, 3 );
    add_filter( 'video_embed_html', 'it_embed_html' ); #Jetpack