How do I use the mini-sites for non-review types?

You need to go through the exact same steps as if your site was a review site. That means creating your “review types” (which will just be regular posts on the front-end of your site), filling out all the settings for each review type, and writing “reviews” (regular posts on the front-end). The difference is that when you write your “reviews”, you need to use the settings in the Rating Info panel below the post content editor and hide the rating, overview, and full article bar.

Also, go to your Review Options, expand your review type, and expand the Global Settings panel and tick Hide “Review” Verbiage. Now your “reviews” will appear as if they are regular posts within that review type, but you also get the functionality of the mini-sites.

Also note that you can have non-reviews and reviews in the same mini-site.