How do I upgrade from Swagger or Continuum to Made?

Upgrading from Swagger:

Install Made and activate it.

Go to Appearance >> Menus and re-assign your menus in the Theme Locations panel. The layout of the menus is not exactly the same in Made as in Swagger, so you might have to do a little tweaking to get them where you want them.

Install and run the free plugin called AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild. It is only necessary to run this once right after you first activate the theme.

Go to Appearance >> Theme Options >> Front Page and select a size for your Featured Slider Size and specify a layout for your Latest Posts >> Latest Layout and click Save Options. Go to Appearance >> Review Options and click Save Options.

Go to Appearance >> Widgets and open each Extended: Latest Reviews, Extended: Latest Review Tabs, and Extended: Post Tabs widget in all of your sidebars and click Save on each one (this fixes thumbnail sizes).

Go to Appearance >> Miscellaneous and specify a color for your Main Color Scheme. Your review types, rating info, posts, pages, categories, tags, taxonomies, etc. will all be visible without any further modifications. Keep in mind Made is not the exact same theme as Swagger so you will definitely need to spend some time getting your site settings how you want them.

Upgrading from Continuum: (more involved) See this awesome guide written by Continuum/Made user randallflagg34: http://support.industrialthemes.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5668