How do I import the demo content?

See this FAQ item to learn how to do a direct MySql import of the demo database:

The demo xml file that comes with the theme contains all of the content from the live demo. Before you import this file, you need to create the five review types in your Review Options page. Then you need to specify all of the necessary options, which are detailed in this screenshot of the demo review options:

  1. After you setup the review types, go to Tools >> Import and choose WordPress.
  2. Upload the demo xml file that came in your Made-Theme folder and click Upload File and Import. Do not make any selections or assignments for the authors.
  3. After the import finishes, go to Appearance >>Menus and in the Theme Locations panel select the menu for each of the menu locations (for some reason the import process creates the menus correctly but does not assign them to these three spots).
  4. Go to Appearance >> Widgets and setup your widgets since the import file does not contain widget information.
  5. Go to Appearance >> Theme Options and setup your theme options to match the demo. All of the demo theme options are detailed in this screenshot:

​We also provide a screenshot of the full review options from the main Made demo which is located here: Some browsers have trouble displaying an image of this size in the colorbox. If you have this issue, right-click on the link and open the image in a new window (or save it to your computer) to view it.

If you notice that your images are not sized correctly, install and run the plugin called AJAX Thumbnail Rebuild which should resize your images correctly. You will only need to run this once and shouldn't ever have to run it again unless you deactivate this theme and upload images while it is deactivated. If you still experience incorrectly sized images, it is likely that you have neglected to fill out your theme options all the way. Make sure you fill out all options, especially in places where you can select one of several options, like Front Page >> Latest Posts >> Latest Layout. If there is no selection at all it could cause your theme to act weird.