Support Policy

Stop. Read. (It's Good For You!)

Before you create a new support ticket, please read through the documentation which is contained within the documentation folder inside of your theme folder. Within the theme options pages of the theme there are additional instructions and tips for each section and setting. There are also some very helpful tips in the FAQ's. (A link to each theme's FAQ is located in the item description on ThemeForest). Please read through both the documentation and the FAQ's before you create a ticket. We usually get the same 8 or 9 questions about our themes over and over, and that is why we have taken the time to write detailed solutions in the FAQ's to avoid having to write the same answers over and over.

If your particular issue is not found in the documentation or the FAQ's, please search the support center for a solution to your question. There are thousands of posts and users asking questions here, so it is very likely your question has already been asked and answered.

Create a Support Ticket

If your question has not been asked in a support ticket yet (or at least you can't find it anywhere), then please create a new ticket with your question. Be as specific as possible. It helps to provide a URL, screenshot, or a detailed explanation of your issue. However, please note that, due to the amount of time it takes us to develop, update, maintain, and support our themes, we are not able to perform customizations for our themes ("freelance" work).

What We Can Help With

Any questions about how the theme works and any bugs or errors you find are completely acceptable questions. This includes such things as which file some particular code is in, asking what things the theme can and can't do, asking about future updates and enhancements, pointing out if you found an error or a bug, etc.

What We Can Not Help With

ThemeForest does not require authors to give support in any way shape or form, nor does your purchase of a ThemeForest item come with any guarantee of support in any way. Regardless, we spend on average 14 - 28 hours a week supporting our themes via the support forums (just for reference, that's $1400 - $2800 worth of lost revenue each week). Why do we do that? Because we want to stand out among the crowd of authors in the marketplace, and we know that providing good support for a product says that we are confident in what we have developed.

That being said, we cannot provide support for anything outside the scope of theme support (we just don't have time!). This includes:

  • Theme customizations
  • Extending the default functionality of our themes
  • Help using WordPress (use the WordPress support forums for this)
  • Help with third-party plugins

For example, if you post a question asking how to change the background color of the main content area of a theme, and the ability to do that is not already in the theme options page, we will unfortunately not be able to help with this.

Please Do Not Abuse Support

This support is completely free of charge, so please do not abuse it. Remember, you paid $40 - $50 for a working website theme which in some cases took up to 320 hours to build. That is a better deal than you'll get anywhere else. Expecting someone to additionally help you build your website to tailor-fit your needs for free is unrealistic, all things considered. The theme is well documented, and the code is indented, spaced, commented, and intuitively built specifically to enable you to make changes to your theme easily.

We want our themes to be highly-rated on ThemeForest. The only way to do that is to make sure our themes work well and our customers are satisfied. That is why we have spent so much time making sure this is the case. Making the theme as easy to use and as intuitive as possible for you actually helps us just as much as it helps you, so believe it when we say that is our goal!

A Note On Theme Customizations

Even if your customization seems super simple and you think it would only take a few minutes, it is important to note that if we helped one person, how would we justify not helping the next person? 100 people who need super simple customizations is not so super simple anymore. We get on average 15 requests a day for theme customizations, so it just wouldn't work for us to adopt this policy. Please check out Envato Studio (http://studio.envato.com/) or Elto (https://www.elto.com/?invite=industrial), which are great resources to hire a web developer who can help you with your customizations.