Update Log (Engine)

To update your theme:


  • Install the Envato WordPress Toolkit: https://github.com/envato/envato-wordpress-toolkit
  • Theme will be available to update directly from your WordPress dashboard
  • IMPORTANT: make a backup of your site (or at least copy the export settings from your Theme Options >> Advanced screen) before doing this since it is possible that your theme options could be reset using this method.


  • Make a full site backup (database and files)
  • To download the latest version of the theme, go to the "Downloads" tab in your Themeforest.net account. Select "Installable Wordpress file only" to download the latest theme files.
  • Unzip the downloaded theme files on your computer
  • Use your ftp client to copy (overwriting) the files to wp-content/themes/[theme-name]/ on your host server. You can either upload all files completely, or just the ones listed in the update log below if you prefer.

9/22/2016 - 1.7

This update is purely a maintenance/bug fix update to make the theme compatible with the latest versions of PHP and WordPress. There are no new features provided with this release.

Files Modified:

  1. style.css (only the version number at the top was changed)
  2. header.php
  3. inc/sticky.php
  4. functions/widgets/*.php (all files in this folder were modified)

8/2/2016 - 1.6

This update is purely a maintenance/bug fix update to make the theme compatible with the latest versions of PHP and WordPress. There are no new features provided with this release.

Files Modified:

  1. style.css (only the version number at the top was changed)
  2. functions/admin/option-generator.php
  3. functions/widgets/*.php (all files in this folder were modified)

6/6/2015 - 1.5

  • Removed Youtube subscriber count from social counts widget

Files Modified:

  1. style.css (only the version number at the top was changed)
  2. functions/theme.php
  3. functions/widgets/widget-social-counts.php

3/6/2015 - 1.4

  • Fixed issue with main and section menu sub menu items not expanding correctly on Android devices
  • Fixed an issue with the total_views custom field not showing up in custom fields list (if option is enabled in framework.php file)
  • Fixed a few PHP warnings in a few page template files
  • Fixed an issue with widget panels overlapping on mobile devices
  • Fixed issue with double shortcode rendering
  • Fixed layout issue with magazine panels and recommended posts when font sizes are adjusted
  • Removed superfluous disable excerpt setting in loop page builder
  • You can now disable comparisons for specific posts and/or individual categories
  • You can now limit comparisons to reviews only
  • Removed random key appended to comparison page querystrings
  • Fixed google+ follower count issue
  • Fixed CSS width issue with multiple-digit pagination links
  • Added CSS white space wrapping fix to the sticky login/register toggle buttons
  • Improved the scroll_if_anchor() javascript function (http://industrialthemes.ticksy.com/ticket/352302/)
  • Added resets to loop shortcode for displaying multiple on one page
  • The option to “un-stick” the sticky bar now works as expected
  • Removed the default value of the Schema Type on post edit screen so it reverts to the theme options default setting unless explicitly selected
  • Mega menus now improved with “hover intent” jquery plugin for better UI
  • Added direct link to sub-category archive listing in mega menu drop downs
  • Disabling the subfooter no longer also disables the footer
  • Section menu is now sensitive to primary categories selection on posts
  • Disabling trending, sharing, and category icon in the loop settings now affects widgets as expected
  • If a post has no details/overview, the overview link in the contents menu no longer displays
  • Adjusted avatar sizes on mobile for BuddyPress groups and activity listings
  • Fixed profile labels in BuddyPress (text color and label positioning)

Files Modified:

  1. style.css
  2. footer.php
  3. framework.php
  4. template-directory.php
  5. template-comparison.php
  6. js/ajax.js
  7. js/ajax.min.js
  8. js/scripts.js
  9. js/scripts.min.js
  10. functions/ajax.php
  11. functions/core.php
  12. functions/loop.php
  13. functions/theme.php
  14. functions/admin/meta-page.php
  15. functions/admin/meta-post.php
  16. functions/admin/meta-review.php
  17. functions/admin/it-options.php
  18. functions/admin/option-generator.php
  19. functions/shortcodes/loop.php
  20. inc/css.php
  21. inc/page-content.php

12/26/2014 - 1.3

  • Fixed warning message that would sometimes appear on comparison page
  • Fixed issue with authorship disappearing if sharing is disabled on single posts
  • Search widget now works in conjunction with sticky search form
  • Background ad is now clickable throughout site
  • Fixed comparison page showing negatives for bottom line issue
  • Added new option to disable comparison dock from standard pages
  • Google fonts are now more compatible with SSL sites
  • Theme options page now supports RTL
  • Added ability to disable heat index for standard pages
  • You can now choose which categories display in each instance of the Category Tiles page builder
  • Added support for user (aggregate) ratings for structured data
  • Fixed issue with Disqus and other iframe elements constantly refreshing on mobile devices
  • Fixed styling issues with pagination when splitting single posts into multiple pages
  • Fixed issue with sticky menu not remaining fixed on mobile devices

Files Modified:

  1. style.css
  2. footer.php
  3. framework.php
  4. functions/reviews.php
  5. functions/theme.php
  6. functions/admin/core.php
  7. functions/admin/it-options.php
  8. functions/admin/option-generator.php
  9. functions/admin/meta-review.php
  10. functions/admin/scripts.php
  11. functions/shortcodes/connect.php
  12. functions/shortcodes/html.php
  13. functions/shortcodes/loop.php
  14. functions/shortcodes/magazine.php
  15. functions/shortcodes/menu.php
  16. functions/shortcodes/sections.php
  17. functions/shortcodes/tiles.php
  18. functions/shortcodes/topten.php
  19. functions/shortcodes/trending.php
  20. functions/shortcodes/widgets.php
  21. inc/comparison.php
  22. inc/directory.php
  23. inc/header.php
  24. inc/page-content.php
  25. inc/sticky.php
  26. js/scripts.js .min.js

Files Added:

  1. functions/admin/assets/css/admin-rtl.css
  2. functions/admin/assets/js/admin-rtl.js

12/12/2014 - 1.2

Comparison featured reworked and improved to work with caching plugins

Files Modified:

  1. style.css (only the version number at the top was changed)
  2. framework.php
  3. functions/ajax.php
  4. functions/theme.php
  5. js/ajax.js .min.js

12/12/2014 - 1.1

  • Fixed PHP warning that would show up in error logs and front-end occasionally
  • CSS fix for background color of active star user ratings
  • Added ability for users to edit their own ratings
  • Fixed some typos in the admin area
  • Improved user rating reset function
  • Replaced theme options logo with correct theme logo
  • Fixed layout selecting for Loop page builders in theme options (previously worked only when using Shortcode Generator page builder)
  • Added categories and tags to longform layouts
  • New layout option to force display featured image per-post even if featured images are disabled site-wide in theme options
  • RTL style enhancements
  • Comparison feature added (soft beta rollout - does not work with caching yet, full release set for 1.2)

Files Modified:

  1. style.css
  2. style-rtl.css
  3. framework.php
  4. functions/ajax.php
  5. functions/core.php
  6. functions/loop.php
  7. functions/reviews.php
  8. functions/theme.php
  9. functions/admin/it-options.php
  10. functions/admin/meta-page.php
  11. functions/admin/meta-post.php
  12. functions/admin/meta-reset.php
  13. functions/admin/metaboxes-generator.php
  14. functions/admin/assets/images/logo.png
  15. inc/css.php
  16. inc/page-content.php
  17. js/ajax.js .min.js

Files Added:

  1. template-comparison.php
  2. inc/comparison.php