Explicit 2.0 Update Known Issues

  1. When using page builder components via the Shortcode Generator on single pages/posts, you need to disable the sidebar in the Layout Options, otherwise the sidebar will overlap the page builders. This is by design and will not likely be changed in the next update.
  2. Excluding and including categories and tags within page builders does not work when you first create the builder panel. It is not until after you save the theme options and refresh the theme options page that you are able to select categories and tags for page builders. Then they will work on all subsequent theme options saves and refreshes (you will not lose your selections from then on). This is not by design and we are looking to fix this in a future theme update. Fixed in 2.1
  3. Not all options apply to all page builders. For instance the Icon option only applies to a couple of the page builders. Make sure the option you are working with matches the page builder you are working with by checking the hover help tooltip to the right of the option. This is by design but we will make it more clear in future theme updates. Fixed in 2.1
  4. You'll notice when you try to add page builders such as Portholes using the shortcode generator you are only able to select one category or tag for the Included drop downs (while still multiple for Excluded). This is because Portholes, along with the other page builders (other than Grid and Blog) are now able to be "targeted" on category archive pages, and the downside is that you can only select one category for the Include tag or category. So while you can still select multiple categories and tags in the theme options page builders, it is only taking into account the first one you choose. You'll have to use a workaround of using multiple Excludes or a different tag/category to target the ones you want to display in the builder until we can improve this functionality in a future theme update. Fixed in 2.1
  5. Grids and Blogs are only able to use one layout across the site (3 panel w/ sidebar, 4 panel, etc.) which can be set below the Theme Options >> Post Loops panel. This is by design but we are considering re-working this down the road.
  6. The dark grey background container of the Top Ten and Explicit Content builder panels, when added via the Shortcode Generator into a single post/page, will not expand full-width like it does when you use it in the theme options. This is by design.
  7. If you have any styles that look out of place after the update (e.g. hero slider main title is dark and pushed down, portholes titles are overlapped by circle images, etc.) it is because you did not get fully updated correctly. Make sure you completely overwrite all of the files listed in the update log. The best way to update is to simple do a full theme overwrite just to make sure you didn't miss any files.
  8. Widget pagination and sorting was broken in 2.0. This is being fixed for version 2.1. To fix yourself, edit the following files (all within the functions/widgets/ folder): in widget-list-paged.php change line 96 to:  Fixed in 2.1