Update Log (Implicit)

To update your theme:


  • Install the Envato WordPress Toolkit: https://github.com/envato/envato-wordpress-toolkit
  • Theme will be available to update directly from your WordPress dashboard
  • IMPORTANT: make a backup of your site (or at least copy the export settings from your Theme Options >> Advanced screen) before doing this since it is possible that your theme options could be reset using this method.


  • Make a full site backup (database and files)
  • To download the latest version of the theme, go to the "Downloads" tab in your Themeforest.net account. Select "Installable Wordpress file only" to download the latest theme files.
  • Unzip the downloaded theme files on your computer
  • Use your ftp client to copy (overwriting) the files to wp-content/themes/[theme-name]/ on your host server. You can either upload all files completely, or just the ones listed in the update log below if you prefer.

12/8/2018 - 1.8

This update is purely a maintenance/bug fix update to make the theme compatible with the latest versions of PHP 7 and WordPress 5.0. There are no new features provided with this release.

Files Modified:

  1. style.css (only the version number at the top was changed)
  2. functions/admin/metaboxes-generator.php
  3. functions/admin/shortcode-generator.php
  4. functions/admin/assets/js/admin.js

8/2/2016 - 1.7

This update is purely a maintenance/bug fix update to make the theme compatible with the latest versions of PHP and WordPress. There are no new features provided with this release.

Files Modified:

  1. style.css (only the version number at the top was changed)
  2. functions/admin/option-generator.php
  3. functions/widgets/*.php (all files in this folder were modified)

6/6/2015 - 1.6

  • Removed Youtube subscriber count from social counts widget
  • Fixed issue with double shortcode rendering

Files Modified:

  1. style.css (only the version number at the top was changed)
  2. functions/core.php
  3. functions/theme.php
  4. functions/widgets/widget-social-counts.php
  5. inc/page-content.php

12/17/2014 - 1.5

  • Added ability for users to edit their own ratings
    -Go to Theme Options >> Reviews and turn on User Ratings 2.0
    -CAUTION: does not work with existing user reviews. You will need to reset user reviews for each of your review posts using the reset options.
  • Tabs, Toggles, Accordions, and Carousel shortcodes now fully compatible with WordPress 4.0.1+
  • Fixed various PHP notices and warnings

Files Modified:

  1. style.css (only the version number at the top was changed)
  2. framework.php
  3. functions/core.php
  4. functions/loop.php
  5. functions/reviews.php
  6. functions/admin/it-options.php
  7. functions/admin/metaboxes-generator.php

11/26/2014 - 1.4

  • Fixed issue with reactions sometimes breaking
  • Improved menu item highlighting when viewing archive pages
  • Fixed cyrillic compatibility issue with awards and badges
  • Fixed various PHP notices/warnings in dashboard
  • Fixed custom css media query sizes
  • Fixed schema markup issues on billboard style layouts
  • Reworked how videos are embedded into posts
  • Fixed issues with grid wide post positioning and incrementing
  • Fixed a few issues with help tips in theme options
  • Sticky bar login/register buttons now work correctly when the force wp login option is ticked (as well as when buddypress is active)
  • Improved section menu UX for Android devices

Files Modified:

  1. style.css
  2. framework.php
  3. functions/ajax.php
  4. functions/core.php
  5. functions/reviews.php
  6. functions/theme.php
  7. functions/admin/core.php
  8. functions/admin/option-generator.php
  9. inc/css.php
  10. inc/page-content.php
  11. inc/sticky.php
  12. js/ajax.js
  13. js/ajax.min.js

8/28/2014 - 1.3

  • Small syntax issue with connect shortcode
  • Fixed issue with timeperiod persisting across sort buttons in Trending and Top Ten page builders
  • Custom Content option now displays on all page builders rather than just loops
  • Added back the ability to disable certain filter buttons for post loops
  • Fixed issue with incorrect help tooltips in new page builder panels
  • Custom sidebars now work as they did prior to the 1.2 update
  • Fixed spacing issue in sharing button overlay panel
  • Improved page builders in theme options so they only show relevant options
  • Improved the targeted option for page builders to work better on archive pages
  • Added multiple category and tag drop downs to all page builders
  • You can now select categories/tags for page builders immediately instead of having to save and reload the theme options.
  • You can now create different page builder layouts for individual categories
  • You can now specify the primary category for a post, so that if a post is in two managed categories you can control which one takes precedent
  • Fixed issue with view counts and like heart colors in grid/blog builders added via shortcode generator
  • Fixed issue with after ad positioning for page builders
  • Added new theme option to disable category icons from loops
  • Fixed overlap bug with search box and nav toggle on mobile
  • You can now disable the wide post from the grid layouts

Files Modified:

  1. style.css
  2. archive.php
  3. functions/core.php
  4. functions/loop.php
  5. functions/theme.php
  6. functions/admin/it-options.php
  7. functions/admin/meta-page.php
  8. functions/admin/meta-post.php
  9. functions/admin/option-generator.php
  10. functions/admin/assets/js/admin.js
  11. functions/shortcodes/connect.php
  12. functions/shortcodes/headliner.php
  13. functions/shortcodes/html.php
  14. functions/shortcodes/loops.php
  15. functions/shortcodes/menu.php
  16. functions/shortcodes/scroller.php
  17. functions/shortcodes/topten.php
  18. functions/shortcodes/trending.php
  19. functions/shortcodes/widgets.php
  20. inc/nav.php
  21. js/ajax.js
  22. js/ajax.min.js

8/5/2014 - 1.2

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a major update and significantly changes the way the page builder system works, and thus will require you to re-setup any areas in your theme options where you have previously used page builders. We highly recommend making a site backup before updating to avoid losing any page builder configuration!

  • Completely revamped the page builder component:
  • -builder panels are shortcode based instead of file based
  • -new shortcodes for builder panels added to shortcode generator
  • -page builder components have all values localized (you can have multiple page builder components on a single page, each powered by their own set of categories/tags)
  • -streamlined page builder theme options
  • Removed page builders for specific pages/posts in favor of shortcodes
  • Top Ten, Trending, and Horizontal Scroller page builders can now optionally be "category aware" meaning they will only display posts within the currently viewed category section of the site (in conjunction to the category and tag selections made for the builder within the theme options)
  • View counts now work correctly with caching plugins active
  • Many theme options are now drag and drop re-orderable
  • You can now hide sharing, view counts, and like counts for individual posts and pages
  • Disabling author info on single posts in theme options now works correctly
  • Improved naming convention intuitiveness within various functions
  • Filter labels added to translation file
  • You can now disable highest rated sort button from top 10 builder panel component correctly
  • You can now selectively disable filters for the trending builder panel component
  • Post titles in loops now use h2 tags for better SEO
  • Updated font face theme options labels and help text to be more descriptive as to what they actually affect
  • Improvements in background color changing
  • Style fix for horizontal scroller if no category icon exists
  • Translation files updated

Files Modified:

  1. style.css
  2. 404.php
  3. archive.php
  4. bbpress.php
  5. buddypress.php
  6. footer.php
  7. index.php
  8. page.php
  9. search.php
  10. single.php
  11. framework.php
  12. template-authors.php
  13. template-directory.php
  14. inc/css.php
  15. inc/directory.php
  16. inc/page-content.php
  17. functions/ajax.php
  18. functions/core.php
  19. functions/loop.php
  20. functions/theme.php
  21. functions/admin/it-options.php
  22. functions/admin/meta-page.php
  23. functions/admin/meta-post.php
  24. functions/admin/option-generator.php
  25. functions/admin/assets/css/admin.css
  26. functions/admin/assets/js/admin.js
  27. functions/admin/scripts.php
  28. functions/widgets/widget-latest-articles.php
  29. functions/widgets/widget-list-paged.php
  30. functions/widgets/widget-review.php
  31. functions/widgets/widget-sections.php
  32. functions/widgets/widget-top-reviewed.php
  33. functions/widgets/widget-top-ten.php
  34. functions/widgets/widget-trending.php
  35. js/ajax.js
  36. js/ajax.min.js
  37. lang/en_US.po and .mo

Files Added:

  1. functions/shortcodes/connect.php
  2. functions/shortcodes/loops.php
  3. functions/shortcodes/headliner.php
  4. functions/shortcodes/html.php
  5. functions/shortcodes/menu.php
  6. functions/shortcodes/scroller.php
  7. functions/shortcodes/topten.php
  8. functions/shortcodes/trending.php
  9. functions/shortcodes/widgets.php

Files Removed:

  1. inc/connect.php
  2. inc/grid-infinite.php
  3. inc/grid-paged.php
  4. inc/list-infinite.php
  5. inc/list-paged.php
  6. inc/headliner.php
  7. inc/html.php
  8. inc/menu.php
  9. inc/scroller.php
  10. inc/top-ten.php
  11. inc/trending.php
  12. inc/widgets.php


  • Fixed issue with Twitter and Youtube social count links
  • Fixed issue with some titles not displaying in post overlays after sorting
  • Fixed issue with sticky nav briefly appearing on page load in mobile view
  • Enhanced responsiveness of sticky nav for mobile layouts
  • Small style tweak to loading wheel for wide post layouts
  • New theme option to adjust level of colored overlay hover opacities
  • Fixed style issue with back to top link for custom sticky bar icon colors
  • Fixed youtube video full screen controls
  • Fixed issue with excluding/including categories and tags for grid and blog loop layouts
  • Fixed issue with double http:// prefixes on the "find us" social badges (and connect bar)
  • Improved printing styles
  • Fixed issue with side nav when get in touch is hidden
  • Fixed sticky nav display issue after resizing down to mobile and back to desktop

Files Modified:

  1. style.css
  2. functions/theme.php
  3. functions/admin/it-options.php
  4. functions/shortcodes/video.php
  5. inc/css.php
  6. inc/grid-paged.php
  7. inc/grid-infinite.php
  8. inc/list-paged.php
  9. inc/list-infinite.php
  10. js/ajax.js
  11. js/ajax.min.js
  12. js/scripts.js
  13. js/scripts.min.js


Initial Release