Site is broken after updating to WordPress 3.9

This is a known issue which is being fixed for the next theme update. To fix for yourself in the mean time, please follow these steps:

1) Use FTP to open the functions/admin/assets/js/admin.js file and locate line 65 which should look like this:


Add two slashes at the beginning so it looks like this:


Save the file and upload it to the correct location on your server.

2) Go to your Theme Options >> Minisite Setup and click Confirm MInisites

3) Then click the blue Save All Changes button in your theme options and your site should be working as intended.

If after clicking the Save All Changes button the page manually refreshes, that means you did not make the code modification correctly. After clicking that button, the page should not refresh. Instead a spinning wheel should show up and then it should say "318 Total Options Saved" (of course your number of options will be different, that's just an example).

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we update the theme to be fully compatible with WordPress 3.9!