I am having issues with Google Ads not displaying correctly.

There is a known issue with the slide-out jQuery menus present in Explicit and some types of Google ads. Currently, the only true fix is to disable the "mmenu" jQuery functionality from the theme. Do so in Theme Options >> Menus >> Disable mmenu. The reason this is necessary is because the mmenu wraps the entire page within a div tag when it loads, consequently changing the parent element of the entire theme. When iframes have their parent element changed they automatically refresh, and Google Ads use iframes to present the advertisements, leading them to refresh incorrectly and/or not display at all.

Disabling the mmenu will cause the Sticky Menu to no longer be usable, and the Section Menu will not display on mobile (but all mega menu functionality will still work on larger sized devices). The sticky bar will still display and function correctly, and the Secondary Menu will become your primary menu for use in the sticky bar on mobile devices.

Until the theme is able to be updated so that the mmenu and ads work well together, this is the only option apart from modifying the theme code manually.