I'm having pagination issues. When I try to move to any pages beyond page 1 I'm receiving 404 errors.

There are a couple possible causes for this issue:

1. Make sure you don’t have any taxonomies, categories, or meta data with the same name as the title of the review page (i.e. the title of the page you create as the frontpage of your review minisite).

2. Make sure the title of your review page does not match the name of your review type itself. For instance, if the name of your review type is “Movie”, then the title of your review minisite front page cannot also be “Movie”. Change it to something else, like “Movies”. Important: if you change the name of your review type rather than the name of your review mini-site front page title, you will lose all of your settings for that review type and you’ll also have to run a post type converter to convert all of your reviews in the old review type name to the new review type name.