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18 Articles Techwise

Social counts stopped working

Twitter or Google+ count showing -1

Last menu item wrapping to new line - how to fix?

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22 Articles Engine

I'm using WordPress 4.5 and/or PHP7 and my theme is broken.

How do I translate the theme into another language?

Social counts stopped working

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39 Articles Explicit

Layout Options (background color, background image, etc.) don't work on BuddyPress pages.

My post loops don't display my selected categories until after I click a sort button or page button.

Using custom sidebars and signoffs in Explicit

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14 Articles Implicit

Tabs, Toggles, and Accordions titles do not display correctly after WordPress 4.0.1 update

Support Policy

After updating to 1.2 I get a bunch of PHP warnings on my page.

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41 Articles Steam

After updating to Steam 1.8 I get a large pop-up error message when hovering over mega menu items.

How can I exclude rating criteria?

What's the difference between regular WordPress categories and review type taxonomies?

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43 Articles Flavor

Some of my icons are not displaying in Chrome on Windows 8.

Logo or other images missing on retina displays (iphones, macbook pros, other HD/HiDPI devices)

Theme completely broken without any code changes (something regarding XML or file_get_contents)

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Support Policy

I created my review types but they’re not showing up in my admin panel.

The Don't Miss slider stops rotating after it has shown all of the posts and does not loop.

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