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2 Articles Highlighter Pro

Why is the comment button not displaying in the popup?

Update Log (Highlighter Pro)

1 Article Stylish Links Pro

Update Log (Stylish Links Pro)

18 Articles Techwise

What are the server requirements to run this theme?

Can't create a child theme

Theme completely broken without any code changes (something regarding XML or file_get_contents)

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23 Articles Engine

In the Loop page builder I cannot change the positioning of the sidebars (the layout).

Update Log (Engine)

What are the server requirements to run this theme?

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40 Articles Explicit

Using shortcodes in Explicit

My master slider is broken after the first slide.

Why doesn't Google+ have a count like Facebook and Twitter do in the sharing options of a single post/page?

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14 Articles Implicit

Twitter or Google+ count showing -1

Can't create a child theme

A note on theme updates.

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41 Articles Steam

I have overlapping issues with the main menu and the sub (utility) menu.

How do I use custom sidebars?

How to use MailChimp instead of FeedBurner for the email signup form.

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44 Articles Flavor

My random button is showing up as weird text instead of a random icon.

How do I add more icon fonts?

Support Policy

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43 Articles Made

I'm having pagination issues. When I try to move to any pages beyond page 1 I'm receiving 404 errors.

Twitter widget stopped working since they changed their API to 1.1 on June 12th, 2013

How can I change the sizes of my post featured thumbnail images?

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