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18 Articles Techwise

What are the server requirements to run this theme?

Weird page builder layouts happening

Master Slider is dim after updating Chrome

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22 Articles Engine

Google Structured Data (Rich Snippet) warnings/errors when using billboard layout

Having trouble with scripts.js working in a child theme.

Can't create a child theme

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40 Articles Explicit

Weird page builder layouts happening

My post loops don't display my selected categories until after I click a sort button or page button.

I'm using WordPress in German (or another language) and I cannot change page builder drop downs, or theme options aren't working correctly.

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14 Articles Implicit

Social counts stopped working

Twitter or Google+ count showing -1

After updating to 1.2 I get a bunch of PHP warnings on my page.

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41 Articles Steam

After updating to Steam 1.8 I get a large pop-up error message when hovering over mega menu items.

Where are the screencasts?

What's the difference between regular WordPress categories and review type taxonomies?

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43 Articles Flavor

I cannot save my theme options. The loading wheel just keeps spinning and the save never completes.

Where did you get the icons you used in the demo content?

A note on theme updates.

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43 Articles Made

Multiple sliders/frontpage functions are not working - spotlight, latest, ect.

The Latest Slider only shows one post, or it is broken and not working properly.

How do I use Jetpack Gallery plugin or Next-gen Gallery plugin with this theme?

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