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2 Articles Highlighter Pro

Update Log (Highlighter Pro)

Why is the comment button not displaying in the popup?

1 Article Stylish Links Pro

Update Log (Stylish Links Pro)

18 Articles Techwise

I cannot save my theme options. The loading wheel just keeps spinning and the save never completes.

Twitter or Google+ count showing -1

What are the server requirements to run this theme?

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23 Articles Engine

In the Loop page builder I cannot change the positioning of the sidebars (the layout).

I'm using WordPress 4.5 and/or PHP7 and my theme is broken.

How to add Google Custom Search and add the Theme Search Box instead of Google Search Box

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40 Articles Explicit

I'm using WordPress in German (or another language) and I cannot change page builder drop downs, or theme options aren't working correctly.

Where are the screencasts?

I get a redirect loop when I try to register using the sticky bar register drop down form.

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14 Articles Implicit

Weird page builder layouts happening

How do I translate the theme into another language?

Support Policy

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41 Articles Steam

After updating to Steam 1.8 I get a large pop-up error message when hovering over mega menu items.

A note on theme updates.

When I import the demo content the site stops loading halfway down after the featured slider.

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44 Articles Flavor

Where did you get the icons you used in the demo content?

How do I use shortcodes?

Logo or other images missing on retina displays (iphones, macbook pros, other HD/HiDPI devices)

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43 Articles Made

Twitter widget stopped working since they changed their API to 1.1 on June 12th, 2013

None of my custom permalinks structures are working.

My featured slider is completely broken and nothing is displaying in it at all.

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