“Update Log (Explicit)”

This question applies to Explicit (WordPress)


To update your theme:



  • Make a full site backup (database and files)
  • To download the latest version of the theme, go to the "Downloads" tab in your account. Select "Installable Wordpress file only" to download the latest theme files.
  • Unzip the downloaded theme files on your computer
  • Use your ftp client to copy (overwriting) the files to wp-content/themes/[theme-name]/ on your host server. You can either upload all files completely, or just the ones listed in the update log below if you prefer.

    7/11/2014 - 1.4

    • Moved after content sharing position to a more logical place
    • Fixed style issue with comment avatar borders
    • Fixed issue with social badges not working correctly with https links
    • Fixed a bug with saving theme options in German (and some other language) WordPress installations
    • Logo is now more responsive
    • Shortcodes now work in the Custom HTML page builder panel
    • Improved featured image floating for some combinations of settings
    • Rating sliders are now draggable on touch devices when the demo panel is hidden (they used to only work if you had the demo panel visible)
    • Disabled zooming on mobile
    • Added Anchor Text input box for Content Section shortcodes for improved Cyrillic functionality
    • Stripslashes now applied to rating criteria labels
    • Previous pagination arrow no longer displays redundantly if it points to the first page
    • Improved Twitter follower count reliability
    • Page and load more controls now correctly display for grid/blog builder panels when added to single pages
    • Updated the google+ count regex to match new google+ structure
    • Improved structured data results for reviews
    • User rating panels disappear instantly after rating instead of when user mouses out of container, mitigating multi-ratings
    • Improved sharing functionality
    • 404 page is now page builder enabled
    • Fixed side-scrolling on mobile devices
    • Fixed featured image sidebar overlapping issue in Firefox
    • Disabling likes, views, or comments for post loops now affects the Portholes as well
    • Style improvements for galleries inserted into post/page content
    • New theme option to specify label of Utility Menu
    • Affiliate codes added, with various positioning available in the theme options
    • Search now includes all details, positives/negatives, and bottom line fields
    • Fixed overlapping (z-index) problems with page builder components placed at the top of a billboard style post
    • Clicking sticky menu when header is disabled no longer incorrectly pushes down the sticky bar
    • Improved responsiveness of column shortcodes
    • Fixed sorting on top ten builder panel
    • Post Title font face now correctly affects single post titles (classic style)
    • Visible header + header logo hidden + sticky bar logo visible + mobile = logo displays
    • Minisite icon and user rating positioning fixed when featured videos are embedded in the loop
    • Fixed height issue with post grid layouts within widgets and sidebars
    • When secondary menu is not used and section menu is set to standard rather than mega, section menu now collapses correctly for mobile
    • Secondary menu can now be hidden/closed on mobile
    • When share buttons position is not set to control bar, the control buttons no longer overlap content on mobile
    • Improved security on duplicate user ratings (users can no longer manually re-send the http request to add multiple ratings)
    • Rebuilt .po translation file

    Files Modified:

    1. style.css
    2. 404.php
    3. framework.php
    4. header.php
    5. css/responsive.css
    6. functions/ajax.php
    7. functions/core.php
    8. functions/loop.php
    9. functions/reviews.php
    10. functions/theme.php
    11. functions/admin/it-options.php
    12. functions/admin/meta-post.php
    13. inc/css.php
    14. inc/grid-infinite.php
    15. inc/grid-paged.php
    16. inc/header.php
    17. inc/html.php
    18. inc/list-infinite.php
    19. inc/list-paged.php
    20. inc/page-content.php
    21. inc/scripts.php
    22. inc/top-ten.php
    23. js/ajax.js
    24. js/ajax.min.js
    25. lang/en_US.po and .mo

    4/8/2014 - 1.3

    • Fixed sticky bar logo position issue on mobile when header is disabled
    • Fixed issue with BuddyPress search box being overlapped by ads
    • Fixed issue with duplicate post titles in blog layouts when loop videos are displayed
    • Fixed issue with image caption alignment
    • Fixed issue with footer text color picker overwriting the color of icons in other places
    • Fixed issue with featured videos not displaying when featured images were hidden for single posts
    • Fixed the option to globally disable comments
    • Fixed an issue with draft posts sometimes displaying in mega menu items
    • Fixed issue with article grids â��collapsingâ�� on each other sometimes when using AJAX controls (pagination & sorting)
    • Fixed issue with google+ sharing button not working
    • Fixed a small style issue with bottom margin on video frame containers
    • Fixed issue with author listing page sorting
    • Fixed issue with 404 page layouts
    • Fixed filter disabling in the top 10 widget
    • Fixed styling issue with section menu when category icons are disabled
    • Fixed BuddyPress widget styling when added to non-BuddyPress pages
    • Fixed BuddyPress pagination styling
    • Fixed contents menu item highlighting on custom added menu items
    • Fixed full clickable background ad so itâ��s actually clickable now
    • Fixed responsive right-aligned slide-out menu for section menu
    • Fixed issue with some featured image sizes not correctly floating next to post content
    • Long unbroken text strings in post excerpts now wrap correctly instead of overlapping posts
    • For category specific pages the current category in the section menu now displays the category color
    • User rating stars now display correctly on mobile view
    • Disabling authorship from post loops now hides it from the recommended section as well
    • Theme options tabs now require click instead of hover to toggle
    • New theme option to enable clicking anywhere in the hero slider to go to the post
    • New builder panel for custom HTML content, including 2 new ad slots to match
    • New theme option to disable jQuery mmenu if needed (for better ad compatibility in some situations)
    • New theme option to disable click tracking for AddThis sharing buttons
    • Category and tag selectors added to the Paged Blog, Reviews, Top 10, Top Reviewed, and Trending widgets
    • Time period selector added for Trending widget
    • Portholes builder now allows multi-selecting of categories and tags, as well as the ability to exclude categories and tags
    • Hero Slider builder now allows multi-selecting of categories and tags, as well as the ability to exclude categories and tags
    • Explicit Content builder now allows multi-selecting of categories and tags, as well as the ability to exclude categories and tags
    • Top Ten builder now allows multi-selecting of categories and tags, as well as the ability to exclude categories and tags
    • Trending Slider builder now allows multi-selecting of categories and tags, as well as the ability to exclude categories and tags
    • More settings added to the category sections in the theme options, including custom background colors, images, positioning, etc.
    • Improved overall bbPress compatibility
    • Login/register forms now take into account the force_ssl_login and force_ssl_admin variables
    • You can now manually specify the â��Item Reviewedâ�� field for reviews instead of using the post title
    • Reworked how the Google+ social options work. Now you only enter your profile URL and the Google+ count will show your correct number of followers and link to your Google+ profile
    • Improved featured and embedded video compatibility with SSL sites

    Files Modified:

    1. style.css
    2. framework.php
    3. header.php
    4. css/responsive.css
    5. functions/core.php
    6. functions/loop.php
    7. functions/reviews.php
    8. functions/theme.php
    9. functions/admin/it-options.php
    10. functions/admin/meta-details.php
    11. functions/admin/option-generator.php
    12. functions/admin/assets/js/admin.js
    13. functions/shortcodes/video.php
    14. functions/widgets/widget-list-paged.php
    15. functions/widgets/widget-reviews.php
    16. functions/widgets/widget-social-counts.php
    17. functions/widgets/widget-top-reviewed.php
    18. functions/widgets/widget-top-ten.php
    19. functions/widgets/widget-trending.php
    20. inc/css.php
    21. inc/explicit.php
    22. inc/hero.php
    23. inc/page-content.php
    24. inc/portholes.php
    25. inc/scripts.php
    26. inc/sticky.php
    27. inc/topten.php
    28. inc/trending.php
    29. fonts/icons.eot, .svg, .ttf, .woff

    Files Added:

    1. bbpress.php
    2. inc/html.php

    3/12/2014 - 1.2

    • Fixed issue with scroll spy working with custom added contents menu items
    • Fixed trending slider panel width issue introduced in 1.1
    • Fixed floating on header ad for responsive layouts
    • Fixed error message present in source code when categories have not been assigned a color
    • Removed empty h1 tags within builder panels on non-archive pages
    • Fixed issue with disabling control bar for front page content
    • Account button in sticky menu now links to usersâ�� profile pages within BuddyPress instead of WordPress admin profile page (if BuddyPress is active)
    • Removed dotted red link border that displayed in Firefox
    • Fixed some directory layout issues
    • Fixed issue with only one post displaying when adding grid/blog builder panels to single post layouts
    • Fixed search results persisting on paging and sorting using the paged blog setting
    • Fixed background/container layout issues on search results pages
    • Fixed issue with single page background images not displaying
    • Increased child theme compatibility
    • Added rel=â��nofollowâ�� and target=â��_blankâ�� to all social badges and links
    • Fixed issue with excerpt lengths
    • Fixed sticky bar logo styling issue in mobile view when header logo is hidden
    • Fixed issue with google adsense ads in the header ad slot loading twice
    • Fixed issue with gettext translation strings in archive titles
    • Fixed some responsive issues with the mega menu
    • Fixed issue with incorrect content being displayed when the page/post content builder panel was added to the archive layout
    • Jetpack mosaic galleries now expand full-width instead of limiting to 500px
    • When overview panel is hidden rich snippets now work correctly
    • When Disqus is active the comments link within the contents menu links correctly
    • Rating criteria label backgrounds now match colors selected in theme options
    • The video shortcode now works with https youtube video URLs
    • New theme option to show featured image captions
    • When featured videos are on in the post loop the article title now displays above the excerpt
    • New option to display post subtitles in the loop appended to the main title
    • Google+ social count now uses your actual follower count instead of the number of plus 1â��s given to a specific page on your site (IMPORTANT: make sure you go into the theme options and enter your Google+ username because it will be blank after updating to 1.2)
    • Search results pages how have their own page builder in the theme options
    • New theme option to ignore excludes/limits for grid/post builder panels on archive and search results listing pages
    • New theme option to move the social sharing buttons to different positions on single posts
    • New theme option to force sticky login button to use standard WP login screen instead of quick drop down form
    • Added new color switcher for main body text
    • Added optional author avatar at the top of billboard style layouts
    • Added author name to title on author archive pages
    • New theme option to specify a custom Youtube URL, which is used when users click on your Youtube subscriber count in the social counts widget
    • New theme option to show mega menu category colors by default without requiring hover
    • New theme option to add custom logos for categories
    • Rating meters within post loops now reflect the specific category color they are in
    • Mega menu items are now highlighted on matching archive pages
    • Improved UX of the Categories tab within the theme options
    • Removed the question mark that showed up in the Google+ sharing count (see here for more info:
    • Removed the ability to change the first tab displayed in the social tabs widget
    • Removed horizontal scrolling in mobile view
    • Rebuilt .po translation file to account for some text changes in the update

    Files Modified:

    1. style.css
    2. framework.php
    3. functions.php
    4. search.php
    5. css/responsive.css
    6. inc/css.php
    7. inc/connect.php
    8. inc/directory.php
    9. inc/grid-infinite.php
    10. inc/grid-paged.php
    11. inc/header.php
    12. inc/list-infinite.php
    13. inc/list-paged.php
    14. inc/page-content.php
    15. inc/scripts.php
    16. inc/sticky.php
    17. functions/core.php
    18. functions/loop.php
    19. functions/reviews.php
    20. functions/theme.php
    21. functions/admin/it-options.php
    22. functions/admin/option-generator.php
    23. functions/admin/meta-directory.php
    24. functions/admin/meta-post.php
    25. functions/admin/meta-page.php
    26. functions/shortcodes/video.php
    27. functions/widgets/widget-social-counts.php
    28. functions/widgets/widget-social-tabs.php
    29. lang/en_US.po/.mo

    2/18/2014 - 1.1

    • billboard layout subheader size adjusted for mobile
    • disable new articles theme option fixed
    • improved sticky menu responsiveness
    • fixed floating issues with ads inserted into loops
    • fixed issue with main header logo not disabling for sub pages
    • some ad slot styles fixed
    • fixed some styling issues in Firefox for theme options pages
    • option to hide sticky controls added to theme options
    • documentation updated
    • small style tweak for mega menu drop down arrow for firefox
    • added theme option to disable â��topâ�� user ratings requiring ratings to be submitted in comments only
    • some style tweaks for some responsive layouts
    • rating at the top now disables the ability to add another rating in the comments
    • googleplus author profile field icon visibility fixed
    • added search results query and archive titles to pages where appropriate
    • added new theme options for explicit content scroller label (text and disable)
    • fixed review schema markup so rich snippets now show up correctly in search results
    • fixed issue with icons.css relative link in theme options pages
    • manually specified excerpts are now taken into account
    • draft posts no longer display anywhere on the front-end of the site (including in AJAX-generated post loops)
    • when all components in the right column of the hero slider are hidden, the column itself is hidden and the image is larger to fill the space
    • contents menu ordering now correctly reflects overview/ratings displayed below the main content
    • fixed extra right margin on sticky bar logo for Firefox
    • fixed some style glitches with the trending slider in Firefox
    • fixed z-index issue with contents menu and post nav
    • fixed issue with contents menu overlapping slide-out mobile menu
    • disabling sticky logo from theme options now reflects correctly on all pages
    • directory sorting now works correctly when default sorting is set to any option other than Recent

    Files Modified:

    1. style.css
    2. framework.php
    3. css/responsive.css
    4. inc/directory.php
    5. inc/grid-paged.php
    6. inc/grid-infinite.php
    7. inc/header.php
    8. inc/list-paged.php
    9. inc/list-infinite.php
    10. inc/page-content.php
    11. inc/scripts.php
    12. inc/sticky.php
    13. js/ajax.js
    14. functions/ajax.php
    15. functions/reviews.php
    16. functions/theme.php
    17. functions/admin/it-options.php
    18. functions/admin/assets/css/admin.css
    19. functions/admin/assets/css/icons.css
    20. documentation/index.html


    Initial Release